I have known Mohammad is a committed sales, customer service and behavioral skills training specialist at Emirates Airlines. As the Manager for National's Learning and Development a unit of HR in Emirates Airlines I have sought his involvement in various developmental programs. He always engaged himself with passion and sincerity of purpose. In his present role as an independent NLP trainer and developmental coach , he is bound to make a significant and memorable impact in the lives of the larger section of the community. He is a sensitive professional capable of addressing finer aspects of multi-cultural issues and human personality differences.

Yuvakumar Ramchander Head Mashreq Learning Systems

Mak is a motivator. He has a different way of teaching us.

Ms. Shakila Marasinghe Real Estate Sales Executive

I was having great difficulty in connecting with my teenage daughter. So I asked Mak to assist. Mak did a few one-to-one coaching sessions with my daughter and me separately & some together; and since than we have been good friends. Thank you Mak for giving us this wonderful gift!

Dalia Khan Housewife

Seminars and Trainings are usually deemed as "boring." Picture this: You sit helplessly on your seat all day whilst listening to the speaker talk, talk and talk some more. Fortunately, this didn't happen during our 2-Day Sales Training Seminar, in which Mohammad Abdul Khaleque (Mak) was the speaker.
Mak is FAR from boring. What I like about him is that he would truly go the extra mile to make his audience feel at ease by a) being light with them and b) involving them in his lectures. He is a great storyteller and an inspiring one at that. He is also witty, smart and funny that there was never a dull moment during the training.
Thank you, Mak for the 2-day worth of Sales lessons and more importantly life realizations. I am looking forward to attending more of your seminars again!!!

Mig Karen Ramirez Corporate Sales Executive

Mak is one of best NLP trainer I’ve come across. I’ve been always interested in NLP and went to numerous courses but I always came back from the training with a feeling that I’d learnt a lot but didn’t know how I could put it to good use – after Mak’s training I could clearly see how I could apply what I had learnt over the years.

Bobby Darin Director Sales

I have known Mr. Mak while I was the head of business development in Flash properties. Mr. Mak has trained quite a few new sales consultant in Flash properties to turn those new comers to leading sales consultants in the Real Estate industry . With his remarkable skill and years succeed of teaching; he has indeed turned around many ordinary sales to best sales. I have to say - Mr. Mak is the best trainer and coach, consultant I have ever met in UAE.

Dr. Maria Lien Executive Director of Ops.

Mak is an amazing NLP trainer. We both took our first NLP course in the 90s together & since than I went on to attend some more courses on NLP from some big names of NLP at the time.

About four years ago my life hit a big dip – I took early retirement from the army due some physical issues, my parents passed away in close succession, & just about everything went awry! I took one-to-one NLP coaching with Mak on his suggestion and I never regretted my decision. Mak helped me to conquer my fears & soon I had a better job than the one that I’d lost and my outlook towards life challenges changed!

I highly recommend Mak’s one-to-one coaching to anyone who wants to turn around his or her life.

M. Muniruzzaman Lt. Col. (Retd.)

Khaleque is a man of principles, highly dedicated and well read person. His knowledge has surpassed many. He is a great mentor and quite a few colleagues used to approach him for suggestions and guidance. He is honest with great management and leadership skills. His study in NLP made him a person with extraordinary skills. He is a very effective trainer as he is a person who established himself from the lowest rank to where he is today. Overall, a great human being and a great friend indeed.

Hanif Zakaria General Manager

The strongest and most admirable qualities about Mohammed are his keen drive and perseverance. He is the personification of life-long learning and takes the utmost pleasure in honing his skillset and climbing the next goal mountain he's set for himself and conquering it. He is a scholar, a leader, and an expert mentor. It is impossible to step away from a conversation with this man and not have learned something new!

Amina K Technical Lead

Mak took on the responsibility to instill and energize selling skills and skills required to build great Sales Teams in Emirates Airlines in the early days of the airline. Having proved himself he was given responsibility to work with select UAE Nationals who were slated to hold key positions provided they proved their mark. He shouldered this responsibility very successfully. Evidence of Mak's success can be witnessed even today in the success of Emirates and the UAE Nationals holding key responsible positions in Sales across the Emirates network globally.

Joshua Koshy Group Chief Financial Officer

"Mohammad Khaleque " (MAK) that much I know he made a difference in my life. I have attended his two days Sales seminar why selling sucks & Building Relationships works. He is not only a teacher but he is also a guide & motivator. The teaching technology (NLP) used by him is awesome. Train with ‘Make A Difference UAE’, so you can implement great strategies in your practical life. I endorse and recommend him for his abilities.

Syed Rehman (RAF) Key Account Manager

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