Life Group Coaching

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Why choose Life Group Coaching?

People often confuse NLP with coaching. And the reason could be that NLP in itself has a lot of techniques that can be used for coaching.

NLP is a much wider methodology that can be applied to almost all aspects of life to enhance the quality of life. Coaching on the other hand is a structured method of communication that allows a client to identify important goals, personal values, devise strategies to achieve the desired results.

As such NLP and coaching are different – however when coaching is supplemented with NLP techniques the process of coaching becomes more effective and the desired changes made quicker.

What can you get from the training?

  • Inculcate the right attitude, acquire adequate knowledge & develop the necessary skills for becoming a highly effective coach – learn the overall principles of coaching supplemented with NLP techniques that bring about desired & lasting changes
  • ​Get guidelines for becoming a practicing coach – one-to-one coach, life coach, executive coach & more
  • Learn how to market your coaching business so you’ve a long line of waiting customers who all want to be coached by you.

Who is this training for?

  • Anyone new to the profession of coaching who would like to excel in the business of coaching within a short period of time
  • ​Existing coaches who would like to revisit the coaching best practices to improve on their coaching skills & business especially using NLP techniques
  • Supervisors, team leaders, managers who administer a team and would like to manage their teams more efficiently for higher productivity.


None except an open mind & intense desire to help others who wish to improve the quality of their lives. Although it is recommended that delegates to this training are NLP Practitioners but it is not necessary.