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Look at your sales team & I can bet that you’re not satisfied with their productivity. At best you have one or two stars that are doing well and the rest are only managing to sell something to somebody occasionally!

However the fact remains that a vast majority of your sales people have not sold anything for months together.

You have tried everything – from motivating them, disciplining them and in some cases supporting them financially (at grave cost to you), and yet they have nothing to show for themselves!

If the above is something familiar to you, you have two choices:

  • Close your eyes & hope for a miracle to happen so your sales people start selling
  • Or you can take action and provide them with quality sales training.

You must be wondering, “What if my sales people still don’t sell anything after attending your sales training?”

Good question and the answer is if you’ve motivated them, supported them in all manners, arranged for quality training and yet they didn’t sell, than what choice do you have but to let them go and recruit new blood that is:

  • Passionate about selling
  • Is hungry to make money
  • Ambitious about making ‘real estate business’ their own life long business to financial freedom.

The next question you’re probably going to ask is, “But training my sales people will cost me money?” Rather ask, “What will happen if I didn’t train my sales executives?”

You would agree that sales training is essential for the success of your sales team; so your sales executives are:

  • Inspired to sell
  • Competent & know where to find customers
  • Skilled at persuading their customers to buy
  • Proficient at closing deals
  • Able to build a solid business relationship with their clients for future business and referrals.

My apologies if I’ve come across bluntly – so let me put it another way.

Imagine with continued support, motivation & proper selling skills development, you’ll eventually have a sales team where every sales person in the team will consistently meet their monthly sales targets, month after month. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now you must be asking, “Who is this person telling me what to do?”

So let me introduce myself first – I’m a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) sales coach, trainer & specialist with more than 32 years experience in the corporate world where I’ve sold products & services as a sales executive, managed key accounts, set up & managed sales teams, overlooked commercial & marketing activities of large a large corporate and even trained sales people from various industries for over 15 years with great success.

I’ve also authored sales & customer service books, written numerous articles and coached hundreds of sales people to their success.

Last year we trained & consulted for a newly established real estate brokerage in Dubai with over 60 sales executives who had little experience in selling and none had attended any sales training whatsoever.

The good news is that after attending our sales training many of them had their first taste of success at selling within their first month of training.

Let me reiterate - if your sales team is not selling we can assist you by:

  • Organizing your sales operation for you
  • Carrying out a training needs analysis (TNA) and providing customized training, specifically developed for your sales team
  • Training your sales manager & team leaders, so your sales team’s activities are supported and monitored for accountability
  • Providing ongoing support till your sales team starts meeting its target

So what is the next step?

All you’ve to do is to call me or send me an email to schedule a meeting so we can explore how we can take this forward.

Thank you for your attention and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mohammad A. Khaleque

Life Coaching With NLP



Mob: 056 6449 332 or 050 4512 697

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Mohammad Abdul Khaleque (Mak)

Consultant, Trainer & Author - Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Public Speaking & other Soft Skills plus NLP Coach.