About Us

We believe that learning takes place in a relaxed and fun environment.

From our experience we know that delegates relate better to training when they are involved in the training process. That happens when they feel that they have a say in what they want to learn, how they want to learn & by doing things. Just listening to lectures that they can't relate to is boring, monotonous & irrelevant!

Our customized trainings are highly objective and full of activities, role-plays, quizzes, self-evaluations & simulations. Coupled to that we make extensive use of ‘NLP Learning Technologies’ to optimize their learning process – a process that helps the delegates to apply what they have learnt immediately on return to work & efficiently. We facilitate ‘learning’ as well as ‘how to apply what they learn’. In addition, the process gives them an insight into the learning process itself - they learn to learn faster.

We strongly emphasize self-awareness, being observant, interactive & communicative approach, teamwork & building business relationships for all corporate staff in all of our trainings.

We provide complete training solutions that are progressive & integrated - for example taking the delegates from basic to advanced levels of learning in a structured manner and step-by-step. We belief that for training to be effective both the staff & management have to be trained in tandem. This helps the operational management to monitor & support application of knowledge & skills discussed in training and produces better results. We even provide 'one-to-one coaching' for delegates that are slow to responding to training and require additional assistance and guidance.

Last but not least we strongly encourage & support our clients in running training evaluations both before & after training interventions to assess returns from training.

We put great emphasis on making the right diagnosis with respect to your training needs before we embark on any training or course development.

That is why before any developmental work we meticulously establish your training needs. Where possible we meet with key staff (departmental heads, managers, team-leaders, supervisors, & a cross-section of frontline staff to gauge above & below standard performance) in your organization to fully comprehend your training needs, learn more about your business & challenges, and thereafter devise the most suitable method of delivery that is conducive to learning & application.

After the training is over we offer consultative support & guidance to ensure that your training related issues are resolved.

Customer Service for the Frontline Staff:

In addition to the interventions mentioned under ‘COURSES’ we also specialize at training frontline staff e.g., service desk staff, drivers, masons, carpenters, air conditioning mechanics, machine operators, plumbers, laborers, helpers and so forth.

Many progressive companies around the world are now realizing that training their frontline staff is of prime importance if they want to survive & flourish in the current market environment that is highly competitive & the recurring cycles of economic depression.

Most business organizations spend considerable resources to train their management staff while their frontline staff gets ignored! If any training is conducted for the frontline staff, they are mostly of technical nature. However training frontline staff on human relations, interpersonal skills & customer service (in addition to technical training) is essential – after all the frontline staff interacts directly with customers, suppliers & works in teams to service customers. They need to learn how to perform their best, how to collaborate with colleagues to maximize productivity & also to represent their company in a way that enhances their company’s goodwill.

Training frontline staff requires multilingual approach & learning by doing things (experiential). Devise objectively planned simulations and group work that mirrors their work place issues as close to reality as possible.

Our trainers have hands-on experience in devising and delivering such training to corporates & organizations having a large number of frontline staff e.g., utilities companies like Imdaad, Tabreed, & Dubai Airport to name a few. Our training interventions for such frontline staff have greatly enhanced their confidence in dealing with their customers, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, lesser complaints and overall improvement in the company’s bottom-line and goodwill.